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The PFTC’s mandate is to ensure the quality of firearms training providers is maintained at all times. Your accreditation is key to building the industry standards.

All organisations claiming to provide Firearms Training according to the Firearms Control Act, need to be registered with the Central Firearms Registrar (CFR).

Any organisation that wants to offer Accredited Firearms Training, will need be registered, not only with CFR, but with the PFTC as well.

A Training Provider is an organisation that obtains or applies for Accreditation with the PFTC, and any staff or individuals (i.e. Assessors, Instructors and Moderators) linked to this Training Provider, will be required to apply and register with the PFTC.

How to become an accredited provider

Before applying to the PFTC for Accreditation the following must be in place:

  • Training Provider must have a PIC qualified, registered Instructor and Assessor working for your training centre.
  • Training Provider must have a PFTC qualified, registered External Moderator
  • A Quality Management System which can be their own or one from a lead service provider
  • Training Provider must have either have their own PFTC-accredited Training Material in place or an MoU with a
    PFTC-accredited lead service provider.
  • Training Provider must either have their own training facility or an MoU with a facility that PFTC and SAPS will accredit.
  • Training Provider must have their own NRCS and SAPS accredited shooting range which they will use for the practical
    portion of their training or have an MoU with a shooting range that holds these accreditations.

Training Providers will need to submit the following to the PFTC for accreditation:

  • Fully Completed Training Provider Accreditation Application Form (Section 1)
  • CIPRO / CIPC Registration Documents
  • Latest SARS Tax Clearance Certificate or Registration Document
  • MoU or Proof of Physical Address (E.g. Lease Agreement or W6L. Bill.)
  • Certified ID Copy for Responsible Person
  • Certified SAPS Competency Certificate for Responsible Person
  • Latest BBBEE Certificate or Exemption Affidavit/Letter
  • MoU for External Moderator(s) (Including Confirmation of Moderation, ld No, Moderator No, Contact details etc.)
  • SAPS Accreditation Certificate (Certified Copy of Front & Back) (Once Accredited by PFTC)
  • MoU for NRCS Accredited Shooting Range
  • SAPS Accreditation Certificate for Shooting Range
  • MoU for Accredited Training Material
  • Copy of QMS (Quality Management System)

A pre-accreditation interview may be required by the PFTC, if there are any items that require clarification or explanation. The last step in the process is to gain SAPS accreditation and then PFTC will grant the Training Provider access to the Learner Management System to upload learner results.