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In fulfilling the role of Professional Body to the firearms industry, the Professional Firearm Trainers Council offers a range of membership opportunities.

Membership can range from Corporate and Individual Membership with voting rights, to Affiliate Membership without the right to vote.

Training Providers would apply for Corporate Membership and Instructors, Assessors and Moderators may apply for Individual Membership, and those who have an interest in the firearms training industry but may not be directly involved in firearms training may apply for Affiliate Membership. Sports shooting associations or firearms dealers may be interested in such membership.

Why become a member of the Professional Firearms Training Council?

If you are a professional in any industry, it is simply seen as best practice to belong to the respective professional body within that industry. The firearms training industry is no different.

The PFTC consults with industry and allows their members the right to vote on issues pertaining to the industry. If you would like to contribute to the growth and development of the firearms training industry, you need to be a member of the Professional Body.

The PFTC will recognise you as a professional. Through recognising professionals against a set of criteria, a standard is developed in the industry which makes it very difficult for unscrupulous, unaccredited and often un-qualified training providers to exist in the industry. Weeding out these types of providers avoids erosion of our industry through the fraudulent selling of training certificates and by-passing of practical assessments which inevitably bring money into our industry.

The best way to remain informed and abreast of changes in the industry is through communication from your professional body. The PFTC will keep you informed of international best practice and the latest in teaching techniques, training aids and other equipment.

The PFTC strives to grow the profession and provide members Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities in line with SAQA requirements to attain and retain professional designation status.

Professional Designations are recognized and registered with the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).

Members of Professional bodies and Industry professionals are encouraged to apply for Professional Designations. The firearms training industry is no different. The PFTC Professional Designations currently registered and recognised at SAQA include the following: Professional Range Officer, Professional Firearms Instructor, Professional Tactical Firearms Instructor, Professional Training Specialist and Professional Firearm Training Counsellor.

In order to maintain a Professional Designation, the professional must attain a specific number of CPD points-achieved by completing certain activities over the period of 36 months.

The Member Downloads section of the website gives Members access to information pertaining to certain PFTC policies, procedures, presentations and financials. The PFTC prides itself on transparency and cohesion within the firearms training industry.