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Professional Designation

Professional Designations are recognized and registered with the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). 

These Professional Designations are uploaded onto the National Learner Record Database (NLRD) once approved by SAQA.

Professional Designations are a form of recognition and award bestowed upon an individual by their specific industry recognizing and awarding its members and individuals within this industry, at the level and expertise to which this industry acknowledges and determines the individual’s capability of providing a professional service within their skills or knowledge areas.

All industry professionals are encouraged to apply for a Professional Designation. Specifically, for individuals who are actively involved with firearms training and running ranges, these designations will not be difficult to achieve but will require commitment. Individuals need to be members (in good standing) of the PFTC to be able to apply for these designations.

SAQA Professional Designations

The following Professional Designations are recognised by SAQA and offered by PFTC.


Professional range officer

This designation specifically focuses on the supervision and operation of a shooting range or shooting exercises,  whether in a sport-shooting or firearms training environment.


Professional Firearms Instructor

The Professional Firearms Instructor is a multifaceted skill set that requires the individual to be competent in all aspects of shooting, safety protocols and effective teaching and training techniques.


Professional Tactical Firearms Instructor

Awareness and tactical decision-making while on the shooting range and in the field make this designation a highly sought after skill.


Professional Firearm Training Specialist

In order to build a career in firearms training, specialist knowledge and understanding is required to maintain the SAQA certifications.


Professional Firearm Training Counsellor

Training Counselors are the pinnacle of training programs. They train Instructors, who in turn, teach and train new shooters. This designation is the highest qualification available.

You will need to be a PFTC member should you want to apply for a Professional Designation.

Once a Designation is awarded, the professional has three years to maintain this designation through participating in PFTC’s Continued Professional Development Program (CPD).

In addition to the above professional designations, the PFTC awards the following internal designations or titles to professionals within the industry